Dan Kritsonis client testimonials

Dan Kritsonis client testimonials

Client Testimonials

My current and former clients testimonials

After my hip replacement surgery Dan helped me get back on track in a very short time. Even my  physical therapist said that it was remarkable on how much progress I had made in such a short time.


I needed to  lose 26 pounds prior to my wedding and Dan put together a program where I lost 20 of the 26 pounds just two weeks before my wedding day. I had to make a few adjustments to my dress and all ended up well thanks to Dan.


Being a high school football player I  needed to  improve my 40 speed and be stronger. I improved my 40  speed by .75 seconds and increased my bench press.


I have been involved in sports and fitness for most of my life. My journey has not always traveled a straight and narrow path. A few bumps and detours have resulted in unfortunate distress that led me into a lifestyle of unhealthy eating and poor exercise habits. As a former fitness instructor, I knew I  could be better. Dan Kritsonis is  one  of  the Pacific Northwest's premier fitness consultants. Passionate  about health and wellness and equipped with the appropriate credentials. Dan has been helping others  pursue and achieve their goals for balanced and healthy living for over 30 years. Dedicated to continuous learning and  innovation, he is  focused  on my unique requirements and  fine tuning my  exercise regimen  to achieve better results faster while targeting goals that are safe and effective in meeting my needs. Feeling good is  about more than physical outcomes. It's about emotional victories. After losing 100 pounds, I am on a healthy path to  losing the  remaining 30 pounds, renewing core strength, and continuing my journey toward emotional and physical  balance.

We all need someone  to push, motivate, and guide us, as well as understand  our strengths and weaknesses. Dan is helping me get maximum results by personally tailoring my training  sessions while  coaching and motivating me to do my best. With a masters touch, Dan commits himself to  a  love of  fitness and  health. And because he  is genuinely passionate about helping me reach  my  goals, I know I am  in good hands.


Working with Dan for 6 months I  lost 84 pounds, and my blood tests came back better than ever. Dan is very caring and also  helped me select some  fitness equipment for my home.


I have a lot of good  things to  say about Dan, when we first met I was 6 months postpartum, and I was uncomfortable in my own body. I had a trainer before him and didn't see  the results I wanted, so I lost faith. However, Dan was able to restore it.

Just like everyone said, Dan tailors the  program to your specific needs and  goals. Then  he modifies it according to the  areas that need more attention. Yet, what I think Dan has that the other trainers I have worked with lacked  is  his ability to connect with you. He really tries his best to  build a relationship with his clients.

I you are looking for a trainer who:

1. Tailors your  workouts to your specific  needs

2.Motivates you

3. Cares about achieving  your goals as much as you do

4. Builds a relationship with you

The Dan is your guy!


Dan has been the personal trainer for my husband and I for over 6 years. We are  in out late 70's. He has built our strength and flexibility through a double knee replacement and a shoulder replacement. By providing exercises that strengthen my  core my chronic back pain is  gone. We are stronger, have better balance are more fit and feel great. He keeps encouraging us to  lose weight even though we  have not  worked at it  hard enough  to meet  our  goals.


Can't say enough positive things about  Dan and his training methods. He builds the  program around your goas and needs. I have been with  two trainers before Dan, and there is no substituting the decades of experience and knowledge that he  has. The program he wrote for me was so simply laid out that if it didn't work, it was because I didn't have the discipline, not because the plan wasn't the plan wasn't good- so accepting that a lifetime of  good heath will come from a 3 to 4 hour a week dedication is a prerequisite.


My husband and  I were looking for a trainer who could work with people in there late 50"s and we were delighted to find Dan Kritsonis almost 5 years ago. Speaking for myself, I was recovering from cancer treatment when I met Dan. I hadn't done weight training for more than 5 years and was concerned about being at high risk for lymphedema. While getting us going on a routine Dan studied  the facts about lymphedema and designed a routine for me that helped me strengthen my upper body while not overdoing the weight and the number of repetitions. I recommend him wholeheartedly.


The one regret that I do have about the workouts that Dan has personally written for me is that I did not start them sooner in my fitness endeavor. I was working out for about a year and a half before meeting Dan, and I thought my progress was coming  along nicely. I had slow-but-steady results, and I thought I was a pro at the gym....Oh how wrong I was. When Dan wrote my first plan, he asked what I wanted to work on. I told him that I recently reached a plateau where my workouts were not challenging me to the point that my maximum lift started decreasing. Dan took his time in writing a program that would reflect my availability, my ambition. and my goal.

The first week my body was going through the preliminary steps of what would be an absolutely incredible 8 weeks. That may seem like a long ways out, but when you are challenging your body on a daily basis, the results are explosive...literally. Not only was I not as in good condition as I thought, but the way I was doing exercises was completely wrong, bringing me back to the first point about wishing I had started sooner than later.

The exercises challenged my entire body, and I got the exact results I wanted in 8 weeks. The ones I was working for over a year to achieve. The same story applies to every program that Dan has written; so, would I recommend Dan's fitness expertise to friends and family? I already have, to several actually. I have not to date met anyone who is as knowledgeable in the area of personal fitness or anyone who wants you to have great results as much, if not more than you do as Dan. I believe passionately that working hard with a program Dan has created for 2-4 months is a better deal than going to the gym for years and still not seeing the results you  wish you had. The quality of your results identically reflect the quality of your program; is simple as that. Dan is without a doubt in my mind a captain magna cum laude of the fitness world.


When Bill and I first started walking we did so in little spurts because we couldn't last for longer spurts. A thousand steps mean stopping to catch our respective breaths. Walking made my still -ailing shoulder ache. And getting started walking each day was an agony for Bill's back. The doctor told us that walking would make his back feel better, but out of the doctor's earshot we both rolled out eyes and said to each other, " I don't think so."  But walk we did. Bill walks 2.5 miles a day now and I usually walk five to seven. MILES!! A DAY!!

By July we were walking and eating right, but then we realized something else. Walking wasn't he whole answer. I had thought that walking would magically make me stronger, but no matter how I tried, I couldn't get reach my impossible dream of getting off the pot without using the grab bar. The doctor, the same one who had given us the first lecture, gave us another one: "You need to join a gym." We responded in heartfelt unison " No way."

Fortunately, the doctor took our no gym stance on the gospel and found us an in-home trainer. We wanted someone who was more or less our age and who understood the foibles of the human body. Enter Dan Kritsonis. He's available for new clients and he is worth it.

Getting off the pot without using the grab bar is no longer an impossible dream. He is also teaching us useful aging skills.